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More than ever women are being called to lead in society.
Many think they need to sacrifice feminity to be powerful leaders.

With this idea, we deepen the problem that we already are in - women competing with men.

In my view, this is not about competing, but about authoring who we are.


It's been my personal story too.

Growing up without a role model who showed me I could own my feminity while still leading,
I spent years hiding my true power as a woman. It didn't work.


Hi! I am Susana Nudelman Perczek,
a latina sustainable style coach,and founder of Dare to Wow.

I empower women to use fashion smartly & sustainably to amplify their confidence, leadership & circular impact.


You lead a dynamic and demanding life that requires you to make bold decisions on a regular basis
to maximize your influence and create change. It is easy for your unique personal style to get lost in the
complexity of your responsibilities. When this happens, your presence loses its essence, and your
leadership gets watered down. 

If you are a woman in a leadership role looking to grow your impact, let's work together. 

"It seemed that my clothes mattered more to people than anything I had to say, and optics governed
more or less everything in the political world, and I factored this into every outfit.”

- Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of the United States of America

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How you dress will always affect how people respond to you. It's inevitable.

What you choose to wear shares
how you view the world, and how you want the world to view you.

In fact, your clothes empower your feminine leadership & deepen your visibility.
(Science has shown it takes mere seconds for someone to form an impression of who you are.)

I totally understand.

It's easier to wear the same things when you don't have the time, energy, or
knowledge to know what works best for you or how to reflect the right image.


Well, you are in the right place!

"Working with Susana is a life changer. She works to figure out who you are and what you need ​
and how to create the best you. The result is that my personal style has taken
my influence and impact to a whole new level."

- Holly Ruxin, CEO & Founder Montcalm TCR & Montcalm Capital


- C-Suite
- Public Service
- Political Leaders
- Entrepreneurs


My clients work in highly visible roles and the common thread is they are determined
to lead for a larger purpose, create impact & implement sustainable consumption choices.




Set up a time to talk with Susana.

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Meet with Susana to identify your goals
and create a plan to get there


Achieve your personal style
to empower your leadership

I bring a strategic approach that leverages your strengths and values to design your unique personal style.
Together we will prepare a sustainable wardrobe for any sort of event: working from home video calls,
public speeches, fundraisers, town hall meetings with community leaders, and personal gatherings.

As a result, you will feel fearless, beautiful, and confident to lead & create impact 
whatever you do & wherever you go.

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How do you protect client confidentiality?

A: Confidentiality is a cornerstone of trust in my work.

I am ethically committed to protecting all my client's privacy. I do not share information about who I serve with anyone outside our relationship. The women that provided testimonials to my site, were willing & eager to share their personal experience.

How do you make the process simple?

A: Honesty, kindness and accountability in our relationship keep things simple. I only work with a selected number of clients per year. My approach is straightforward, real, and committed to align with your bigger purpose.

How are you compensated?

A: Depending on your level of commitment, I will provide you with servcies/investment options to suit your unique situation.
Every client is required to have an onboarding "WOW STYLE PROGRAM" - which includes a color analysis, body design assessment & lifestyle/career intake questionnaire.

How does it work if I don't live near you?

A: While physical proximity is very helpful, the most important aspect of our relationship is the exchange we will have to create a new alignment between who you are and your personal style.

If we can't work in person, we will meet thorugh video calls as often as possible while maintaining a secure private online platform where we will text, email, and exchange materials that will facilitate the process.

How often do we meet and how long is the process?

A: All new clients begin with a WOW STYLE ASSESMENT. After that initial phase that can be done in person (preferably) or online, we determine your current reality, desired results and action steps to achieve your goals.

Cultivating a personal style requires practice, just as your professional development has required in your career. If you choose to continue working after the initial engagement, the length of the ensuing agreement is determined by your goals and purpose.

How is your work different than working with a personal shopper?

A: Often the goal of a personal shopper is to sell you what the store wants or needs to push to promote merchandise. Not necessarily what looks best for you or what you need.

My work focuses on creating the most authentic, vibrant, sustainable and strategic personal style for you to show up as your very best. Transformation goes beyond what you wear—It’s is about evolving your capacity to show up in ways not previously available or even imagined.

Shopping is not my priority. That is why we start working with what you already own.

What is your view on sustainable fashion?

A: I am committed to provide the best shopping alternatives and creative ways to leverage what my client already owns. I also support conscious fashion brands and make it a priority to educate my clients about the responsibility we have as consumers to reduce the fashion footprint, the urgency to implement sustainable choices and become a part of the solution on climate change.

Life after COVID-19 is forcing us to let go of the past
and think of new ways of being and leading.

Now it's a perfect time to look at your personal style to reassess and reinvent how you want to be seen.