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Like most people, growing up for me was not a piece of cake. My family dynamics lack true leadership and made it difficult for me to speak my mind. But I instinctively found a way to overcome the challenge. From my early years growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then in Lima, Peru, the world of beauty was my safe place. My clothes were often my protection and also an intimate form of self-expression and communication.

My story.


Doing my very best and persevering through life’s challenges inspires me & my drive for excellence propelled me to move to California to pursue my studies in fine arts and advertising. After completing my studies, I landed a job as a print producer for an internationally recognized advertising agency in South Florida. A few years later I moved back to NorCal to head the print production department for a prestigious advertising agency in San Francisco. Leadership and showing my feminity were in conflict and I thought both could not live together in a competing world.

Considering the lack of direction I received as a child, if someone would have told me that I would realize all these achievements, I would not have believed it. I now understand that “an artist always finds herself in her creation.”


My love for fashion has guided me throughout my life, especially as an executive leader. I truly believe clothes are what allowed me to flourish. During my corporate career, I managed multi-million dollar print ad campaigns, supervised a large team, and dealt with all kinds of personalities. I believe it is my instinctual connection to clothes that helped me overcome the doubts that lived in my mind. Clothes tell stories and reflect our personality in ways that transcend language. 


Fashion is Innate To Me.


My joy for fashion started from the moment I was born. Ever since I can remember, clothes have been my best and dear partners. As an executive leader, in the face of having to deal with a difficult conversation, changing the strategy to meet a deadline, or dealing with a budget constraint, I knew that if I wore the “right” outfit for the occasion, I would be destined to win. I believe fashion has the ability to change and shape lives through its natural connection to us all.

And I know that in my gut because it always worked for me. During times of uncertainty, the clothes would rally around me, leading me to show up more confidently and in my power. Within a few years as the print production director, the agency’s CEO had expectations for me to reach higher levels of influence, but often life has its own plans and they seldom are what we expect. 
Next thing I know, I gave birth to our daughter and everything changed.


I left my executive job to become a full-time mother. My intuition guided me to do it and I am grateful I did. Three years after our daughter Sylvana was born, I gave birth to our son Juliano. While I deeply missed aspects of the corporate world, my experience as a mother gave me the opportunity to become even more connected to my passion, unlock my creativity, and grow deeper into my purpose. Though not easy by any means, my role as a mother has helped me to become more aware and committed to the gifts I can most passionately offer. 

My love affair for clothes came to the forefront. 


After my children reached their early teens, I decided the time had come for me to re-enter the workforce. But I was ready to do it in a different way than when I became a print production director. This time, I was more aware of my innate strengths, my passion, and the legacy I genuinely envision to leave behind. 

In 2014 I launched my own business and Dare to Wow was born. 

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Susana Perczek at 4 years old


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