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- WOW STYLE 101 - 

Fall Sweater WOW Style 101


Soon will be sweater season. 

How about if instead of going for the traditional black or expected grey V neck sweater you go for something different?

I invite you to look for the following in a sweater:

• A print or a color that works with your color palette.

• A shape that works with your body design. Usually if it hits you at your waist it's more flattering.

• A good fabric: cashmere or merino wool will fit better and last you longer than a synthetic. Plus it's better for the environment. 

As I step into the world each day I walk, speak, and act with invigorated
confidence, with a sense of renewed purpose that sends ripples of light-filled energy
throughout my family, my social circles, and my professional networks.

- Lydia, Prenatal & Yoga Instructor 

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