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Since our very first interaction, Susana has been warm, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in understanding my unique needs and offering her expertise in ways that best suit my lifestyle.

Susana’s honest yet compassionate assessment of my closet and of what colors and shapes best suit my body immediately sparked a shift within me -- from one of giving little thought about how or why I clothed myself to embracing clothes and accessories as a way of communicating who I truly am.

As I step into the world each day I walk, speak, and act with invigorated confidence, with a sense of renewed purpose that sends ripples of light-filled energy throughout my family, my social circles, and my professional networks.

What a gift and a joy it has been to collaborate with Susana.


- • LYDIA 42, Founder & Owner

If you are like me and struggle with shopping but want to look stylish, you must meet Susana!


She transformed my wardrobe and my attitude about shopping.


First session - closet audit where she identified what was working and what wasn't. Together we paired it down to only the things I really loved and then she made a shopping list.


The second session - I meet her at the mall where she has spent the prior day picking out clothes for me and she nailed it. I loved and bought about 90% of what she selected - and I had given her a budget so it wasn't a free for all - strategically selected unique pieces and some fun versions of basics. It was one of the best days.


The third session - she came back to my house and made at least 50 outfits for me (head to toe) and took pictures. 

The change for me is enjoying walking into my closet rather than dreading it, pushing myself to accessorize and combine things in unexpected ways, and knowing what shapes and colors to look for and what to skip. And the compliments on my new wardrobe are an
added bonus! 

Happy to speak to anyone who is considering working
with her. I can't say enough good things about working with Susana.

- • BROOKE 52, Partner - VP


"After far too long, I decided it was finally time to look like a grown-up. 

I called Susana and she made what I had always envisioned as being a painful process easy and fun. She has the absolute best personality for the job - she is upbeat and positive, realistic about what looks good and gentle about what doesn't. 


What I love most is that I look and feel more professional but I still have my own personal style. 
I don't look like someone I'm not, I look like me all grown up. Now, I stand in my closet at night and get excited about getting dressed the next day!!"


- • ELIZABETH 41, Realtor

Susana has outstanding taste and an elegant style that is vibrant and creative, yet sophisticated and refined. She has a lovely, positive energy and it is a pleasure spending time with her. 


She is able to calibrate her approach to a wide range
of fashion styles, and strikes the perfect balance of working within the parameters of your comfort zone while also coaching you to explore new ideas. 


She is skilled at finding the best pieces and great deals within larger department stores, smaller discount stores, and consignment. She gives great counsel on when to invest in classic pieces and can also find beautiful, affordable pieces that speak to the latest trends. 

- • Asheley 48, Recruiter

Susana is powerful in her ability to understand your
work world, your corporate or industry "dress code" and can address the need for women to have an executive presence while maintaining individualized style.


She has an incredible sense of pairing; I get many compliments regularly! Thank you, Susana!

• Hilary 46, Senior Director

As a professional, single woman and business owner
I felt that my existing business attire didn't represent me well; I felt dull and dumpy.


And for more casual occasions and dating I didn't feel comfortable or very well put together. So I engaged Dare to Wow to help me revamp my entire wardrobe. 

Susana immediately "got" my personality, style and what my life goals are right now. Frankly it's a vulnerable thing to let someone in your closet to edit it. But I never once felt uncomfortable or judged. Susana was incredibly positive and supportive throughout
the entire process.


She did an amazing job sourcing a well-balanced and totally interactive new capsule wardrobe that expresses me, for all occasions. (And works with many of my existing pieces).

I now understand what shapes, colors, and fabrics work best for me. Now I don't dread the idea of shopping. 

Dare to Wow also has a network of resources to support a wardrobe overhaul. I ended up with a complete
makeover that I wasn't even expecting! 

Now instead of dreading getting dressed, I look in my closet and see practically endless perfect outfit options that I feel great in. I get compliments daily, from co-workers, friends, and even complete strangers. 

This is probably the single most important investment I've ever made. And I feel that with the number of outfits and the improved way I move in the world, the return on this investment is exponential.


I can't recommend DTW enough.

- • KIM 39,  President

Susana brings a stylish but objective eye to her work.


She helped me curate my closet to identify the most flattering, versatile and timeless pieces, and then she skillfully guided me in updating my wardrobe and pulling the existing and new pieces together for a variety of outfits.


She provides excellent customer service, taking that extra step to find clothing & accessories that make sense
for the customer.


I appreciated that she looked for bargains and understood quality. You will be delighted with the results if you work with Susana!

- • STEPHANIE 57, Executive & Leadership Coach

Working in a home office with meetings in the city, I rarely, rarely have time to shop. I was either living in jeans or yoga clothes when working at home or went to meetings in the same ol’ outfits.


Susana helped purge my closet of all the things I never wore (and I still have no idea why I kept them). She figured out my taste, my lifestyle and went shopping for me with her amazing sense of style.


She recognized all the staples missing in my wardrobe! Then we shopped; I loved all the things she selected, we figured out sizes, etc.! I love all of it!


Susana pushed me to try new styles, accessories, etc. that have completed my outfits.


I can’t rave enough!
Susana has wonderful taste, personality and sense of style; I could never have done this myself with my busy career.
Thank you Susana and Dare to Wow!

- • ANDI 51, VP Media Director

Even as someone who has always loved clothes and has a pretty good fashion sense, I love how Susana has helped me to take it to the next level by teaching me how to own my body & color design, mix patterns and how to accessorize. 


What I have been most wowed by is how having a second pair of expert eyes has saved me so much time and money.


Susana was able to delve into my existing wardrobe, giving old pieces new life with new combinations and has helped me to identify a few holes to fill in. Armed with a shopping list, Susana breezed me through J. Crew, Banana Republic and Nordstrom.


Her expertise became even more apparent, and she was clearly well-known by all the sales staff. Shopping with her was like shopping with one of your best girlfriends, but all the attention is on you. It was so much fun and so efficient! I love my new purchases & think the whole experience was money well spent.

• Julie 44, Entrepreneur

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