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You know that woman who walks into a conference room, delivers a message and everyone’s eyes are glued to her, listening to every word? She sits tall, even if she’s 5’ in height. She commands attention and respect when she speaks, not because of the volume of her voice, but the confidence and energy behind it.


Executive Presence is not about getting louder or more intense, or a magical trait that some people are just born with, but rather a set of skills that you can learn to help you advance into senior leadership positions.


Executive presence is a combination of many different characteristics, including skills like communication and adaptability as well as visual factors like body language and dress.

Executive presence is about becoming more confident in your natural style.

You may want to ask yourself:

If you simply wear an outfit because is from a magazine or a website or it looks good to a colleague, you will have all kinds of styles and not yours. 

• Do I know the difference between what color to wear vs. how to wear color?

• Do I know what are the best shapes for my body design?

• Do I only use 20% of my closet?

• Do the number of clothes I own, represent the percentage of activities that I do?

• Do I know what works for my age, industry and lifestyle?

• Do I have a personal style brand?

Time to update! 

Dare to Wow executive presence service will help you discover your personal style. 
You’ll become a better version of yourself and level up as a leader. 


This experience is for successful professional women who have tried to update their style on their own but haven't had much success. These women have ambitious career aspirations and want to be seen as key players. 

Ideal candidates for this experience include entrepreneurs, C-Suite professionals, VPs, and Senior Directors. Women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond where it is difficult to know what works and what to let go of to build an executive presence.

This personalized service consists of 3 steps that concentrate on discovering your lifestyle and personality roadmap along with your color palette, and body design analysis that creates the perfect wardrobe. 





Our image crafting starts with a questionnaire completed by you and is followed
by an in-person session
with Susana. 

Susana will learn about your goals and what you want to communicate with
your visual appearance.

You will then receive a custom body design and color palette analysis. This process takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

All this information will be the visual game plan for your executive presence image – what it will look and feel like, and how it will be experienced by others.








Once we align on the big vision, we’ll then move into the tactics to bring it to life.

First, we will go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep, donate, or get altered.

Once your closet has been edited, you will try on the remaining pieces to get advice on fit and identify wardrobe gaps.

This part takes 2-3 hours.
You will be with Susana in the last hour. 

You'll receive a written document with all the valuable information for you to apply.  

 Color Palette Home Discovery- 10.2.22.jpg




The investment for this service starts at $2,000. If you have multiple closets or a large walking closet* that needs editing the fee will be adjusted accordingly. Dare to Wow intention is to provide you with the best service! *for average size closet 7 x 10

Get started!

In a short amount of time, you can align your look with your voice and words – and then tip the scales in your favor.
Click below to schedule a free consultation.

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