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  • What is a Personal Stylist?
    A personal stylist addresses an individual’s image through the lens of fashion and helps them identify their unique style. They assist them regularly by cultivating their styling needs to develop a unique personal brand that is in alignment with their values and lifestyle.
  • What are the Benefits of a Stylist/Image Consultant?
    Hiring a stylist has many benefits: 1. For many executives and public figures women, one of the primary benefits of a personal stylist is that it’s a valuable time-saver. They don't have time to shop. 2. As an executive you are brilliant at your job but clothes are not your thing. You understand the power of clothes and you want to look and feel at your best every time. 3. You understand the power of delegating and having a personal stylist saves you frustration and over spending. With a stylist there are no more impulse buying or getting the wrong things. 4. A stylist understands your body design, your color palette and your personality. She or he gets you and know how to bring the best of you in your field.
  • What is the Difference Between a Stylist and a Fashion Stylist?
    Fashion stylists make clothes look their best; a personal stylist makes you look your best.
  • What Should You Look for in a Stylist?
    You might think that when looking for a stylist, you should find someone whose own style matches what you aspire to, but this is the wrong approach—a good stylist can put together wardrobes that fit another’s aesthetics. Instead, seek a stylist who has experience working with clients who have profiles similar to yours and whose approach to styling is a fit for your needs. Don’t hesitate to interview a number of personal stylists—it’s important to find someone you have a good rapport and feel comfortable with.
  • Why do I need Styling Services?
    Everyone can benefit from the services of a stylist, but it’s particularly important for executives, thought leaders, and professionals to have a cohesive style that sends the right message and inspires confidence. It's about your leadership presence.
  • What's Included in the Wardrobe Consulting Services?
    Wardrobe consulting is a bespoke service, as every client has different needs and goals. It generally includes an Executive Presence onboarding with a vision for your personal style. Along with a color and body design analysis, assessment, reorganization and edit of your current wardrobe, shopping of new pieces, and outfit creations. You will be equipped to start wearing your new wardrobe and show of your new personal style brand where you will look and feel at your very best.
  • Can I gift your Services?
    Yes. However it's important to ensure that the recipient is ready and will value the experience.
  • Do you only work with clients in the DC-Maryland-Virginia and San Francisco-Bay Area?
    Susana currently offers in person image consulting services in either DC-Maryland-Virginia and the San Francisco-Bay Area. Virtual Services are offered once we have an established relationship.
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