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Like many people, growing up for me was not a piece of cake.


My family dynamics made it difficult for me to speak my truth. Moreover, seeing women in leadership was not the norm. But I instinctively found a way to compensate for this challenge. From my early years growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then in Lima, Peru, the world of beauty allowed me to stay close to my feminine power. I found a way of cultivating my identity as a young woman through the non-verbal art of beauty. 

My love of beauty and its impact on society led me to unexpected opportunities.


My drive for excellence propelled me to move to SoCal to pursue my studies in fine arts and advertising. After a few years of working in the advertising industry, I was offered a position to head the print production dept. for a prestigious agency in San Francisco. The woman that inspired me to pursue this opportunity was the CEO & Owner of the agency. She was strong, powerful, and had a great sense of style. She reminded me that strong leadership and beauty can go hand in hand.

During my corporate career, I managed multi-million dollar print ad campaigns, supervised a large team, and dealt with all kinds of personalities. In spite of all the external success, I still saw that it wasn't so easy for women to lead in an authentically feminine way. At the highest of levels, it felt like power and beauty could not go hand in hand. 


Something was missing in my work.

I left my executive job to devote my full attention as a mother. My intuition guided me to do it and I am so grateful I did. Three years after our daughter was born, I gave birth to our son. While I deeply missed aspects of the corporate world, my experience as a mother has given me the opportunity to become even more connected to my identity and passion for authentic feminine leadership. 

My mission got clear and my work is my life's purpose.


After my children reached their early teens, I decided the time had come for me to re-enter the workforce. But I was ready to do it in a different way. In 2014 I launched my own business and Dare to Wow was born with the mission to support impact-driven women committed to leading for the greater well-being of our society. Naturally, women in public service, government, corporations, and entrepreneurs align with my calling to contribute to a new kind of woman leader, one that can lead powerfully without losing her authentic personal style.


Susana Perczek at 4 years old


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