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Revamp your Wardrobe for Spring

Updated: May 23, 2019

Here are 5 greatest tips on transitioning your closet to take advantage of longer days and be ready for your busy & full social calendar, because I know May is an exciting month ahead.

1. Remove winter clothes (boots, heavy sweaters, wool slacks) from your main closet. Create an off-season zone or closet for cleaned, undamaged items. Or stash them under the bed in plastic containers (or heavy plastic bags). Keeping your off-season clothes protected and well organized will pay off big time each half year.  

2. Transition to lighter colors and fabrics, even if you continue to layer against our region’s microclimates. Just changing to summer sandals or oxfords and summer cashmere in crisp colors will lift your spirits, even if you keep the down vest.

3. Take stock. Dedicate this transition to taking inventory of what you are saying about yourself this season. If you have not worn something in over a year, clothes are frayed and outdated, stop the torture and bid adieu. List the basics that need replenishing and stick to your shopping plan.

4. Wear Color Now. Instead of another black pant, try bold colors in peacock, cobalt or red. Sophisticated colors in good fabrics are surprisingly easy to work with and look great with unexpected pastels (lilac, nude pink, or melon, anyone?)

5. Skinnies on Strike.  Your skinny denim jeans want a break. Athleisure track pants continue to hold court. For an inexpensive trial run, try Zara or Uniqlo. For braver souls, wide culottes worn with platforms or sneakers are hitting the streets of SOHO and beyond. If denim is it for you, store your skinnies and try a more relaxed fit. Relaxed jeans with roomy legs (ahhh!) with unfinished hems are big now. Try high waist cropped.

Just try something different and surprise yourself.

And if you are running on fumes these days and can’t seem to get around to curating your closet for spring & summer, just ask Dare to Wow for an assist!

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