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The Perfect White Jeans

HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT FIT With all the styles to choose from, you need to know your body design. From this point, it will be easier to discern and choose the best one for you. 

PETITE: I recommend slightly cropped to show off your ankles. They will make you look taller.  HOUR-GLASS: Look for stretch denim that can hug and accentuate your curves. Adding some visual interest or fine rips helps too. FULLER ON YOUR TUMMY: Looking for more coverage in the mid-section, skinny jeans will do the trick. Look for modal blend fabric that maintains a bright white shade. CURVY & LARGE SIZE: Look for mid-rise to a high waist and a wide leg with a comfort stretch fabric, high recovery denim. TALL: Check out brands who make specifically tall jeans. These ones will have a tall inseam and will fit better. 

As a guideline, if you have a

SHORT TORSO: Choose a low rise to a mid-rise waist.

LONG TORSO: Choose a mid to high rise waist. 

Visually it will balance your upper and lower body.

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