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Shopping for White Jeans


COLOR: Believe it or not, white jeans actually come in a lot of different colors. There's pure white, which is the easiest to keep clean, but there are shades of cream and beige that serve the same function.

OPACITY: There's nothing worse than putting on a new pair of white jeans and realizing your black thong is fully visible... after you've walked out the door. When choosing your summer whites, check out how visible the front pockets are through the denim. If you can see them, even just a little bit, you may want to go for thicker material.

FABRIC: Cotton jeans tend to stretch out the most, and don't shrink back to their regular shape (no matter how many times you wash them) because they have very little elasticity, so look for something with elastane or lycra instead. When you wash your jeans, use a cooler wash and tumble dry to help maintain the elasticity in the fabric. 

POCKET PLACEMENT: Pocket placement is critical to the fit of a pair of jeans. The bottom point of the pocket should fall where your hamstring meets your butt, and the smaller the pocket the bigger it will make your butt look.

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