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Why wear COLOR?

You come into this world with a unique set of colors. Your true color palette is found in your eyes, hair & skin tone. Knowing your true colors can help you choose the right and best clothes for you.  I say it all the time: “You can be wearing all Worth, Armani or Lululemon, but if the clothes are not within your color palette, they will do nothing for you. The opposite works too. You can wear The Gap or Target and if it's in your color palette, it will do magic." Trust me.

"When Susana first saw my closet, she gasped as she realized how colorless & monochromatic my choices had been in the past. Black, white, gray and beige all around. So I began by adding colors to my wardrobe. This small detail has changed how I feel and how I show up in the world. I now feel younger, more vibrant, sexier and definitely more aligned with my true self. Who would’ve thought that such a small detail would change my relationship with clothes and thus how I feel when I wear them?" - Claudia Aumann Director of Client Services, mom, wife, community leader & much more.

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