"I have been working with Susana for about three years. Before this began, I was in a style rut: a busy mom, with a full-time job, and volunteer commitments. I realized that my general appearance was getting too relaxed--not unacceptable, but definitely bland--because I wasn't putting in the effort and I had so little time. This did not reflect who I am or who I aspire to be. In my work as a fundraiser in and arts organization, personal presentation matters and I needed inspiration. That is when I decided to make the call and work with Susana. Working with Susana has been life-changing, more than I ever would have anticipated. After an initial closet review and outfit creation, I was amazed at what she could do with the items I already had! She mixed items that I loved but never would have thought to put together. She is a style curator and a coach. After the initial session, I focused on her advice and it changed not only the way I was dressing but also my awareness of how what I wear affects how I feel about myself. Additional sessions and personal shopping has introduced me to new brands in my price range and added to my Wow! The style reboot was a gift of clarity for me, both in my work and as a mother to a young daughter. My work is fun, but it can be demanding, very outward focused, engaging with a wide variety of people. I have renewed confidence and, in the time since I started working with Susana, I’ve had additional opportunities at work that I felt empowered to take on fully—it has been fantastic. It helps to have Susana’s photo albums of ready-to-go outfits for all occasions. And as my daughter looks to me as her role model, I want her to learn Susana’s mantra of empowerment—this is not just about the clothes and the style, but the attitude with which you approach life. I learned that from Susana".
Elizabeth Lani, Deputy Director of Development at San Francisco Ballet
Susana is powerful in her ability to understand your work world, your corporate or industry "dress code" and can address the need for women to have an executive presence while maintaining individualized style. She has an incredible sense of pairing; I get many compliments regularly! 
- Hillary Beaz, Director of Clinical Operations at Myokardia
"Susana brings a stylish but objective eye to her work. She helped me curate my closet to identify the most flattering, versatile and timeless pieces, and then she skillfully guided me in updating my wardrobe and pulling the existing and new pieces together for a variety of outfits. She provides excellent customer service, taking that extra step to find clothing and accessories that make sense for the customer. You will be delighted with the results if you work with Susana! 
- Stephanie Casenza, Director of Development LSS of Northern California
"Susana has an outstanding taste and an elegant style that is vibrant and creative, yet sophisticated and refined. She is able to calibrate her approach to a wide range of fashion styles and strikes the perfect balance of working within the parameters of your comfort zone while also coaching you to explore new ideas. Susana is skilled at finding the best pieces and great deals within larger department stores, smaller discount stores, and consignment. She gives great counsel on when to invest in classic pieces and can also find beautiful, affordable pieces that speak to the latest trends. 
- Asheley Linnebach, Jordan Partners
"Since starting my own business, having powerful outfits that I know look good on me is key and Susana takes the guesswork out of it. I worked with Susana through the process of going through and cleaning out my closet, shopping with her for clothes and then finally putting together outfits with the clothes I purchased. Since going through this whole process, I have received more compliments on my outfits than ever before and I have gained confidence…confidence I am walking into a meeting looking professional and put together. I truly can look at my pictures she created of outfits and get dressed in less time than before. Susana is gifted in knowing exactly what works for you and her taste is perfection! 
- Michelle Zink, CEO & Founder of Intentional Solutions Corp.
"Susana helped purge my closet of all the things I never wore (and I still have no idea why I kept them). She figured out my taste, my lifestyle and went shopping for me with her amazing sense of style. She recognized all the staples missing in my wardrobe! Then we shopped; I loved all the things she selected, we figured out sizes, etc.! I love all of it! pushed me to try new styles, accessories, etc. that have completed my outfits. I can’t rave enough! Susana has wonderful taste, personality, and sense of style; I could never have done this myself with my busy career. Thank you, Susana and Dare to Wow."
- Andi Thompson, VP Media Director at MediaCentric